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Simple Life 2 - Episode 4

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Double Action Mixer

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  What they are saying about us?


"Best mixer on the market."
                 --- Dick Welk

If there's any better, I haven't seen it.  Many people have tried to duplicate the Leland but haven't been able to.  I've tried many others, none compare.  People think it's more expensive, but really it's not.  You can't get the quality in your products if you don't have the right machine.  Leland does that for us.  Maintenance is absolutely simple -- anybody can do it.  Easy to clean.  Easy to move around.  Electrical are easily adaptable without an electrician coming in and doing a major overhaul.  We've always had a Leland.  We had one that came over on the Mayflower.  Many have tried to get me to trade it in, but I told them "No way, I'm not giving up my Leland!"  The way it blends the spices and the meats -- that's what you need.  You don't want to make a mistake when you're spending $8,000 on a piece of equipment.

Osseo Meat Market; Osseo, MN.
(Mixes sausage in Model 200DA70)

 "She works very, very well and does the job."
                          --- Fred Austin

The mixing action is perfect for what we do.  We've had no problems.  For maintenance, we only have to change the oil and that's a simple job.  Beautiful construction, good corners, welded beautifully - all stainless steel.  I have no complaints.  We would buy a third and fourth unit from Leland.    

Manhattan Bagel; Eaton Town, NJ.
(Mixes cream cheese spreads
in Models I-300DA90 & I-600DA70-HLS)


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"We're on our third one."
                   --- Carroll Wetterauer

 ...And we're talking about a 35 year span on these mixers.  It's a convenient piece of equipment and it does a nice job.  Before we bought our last one, we brought in one of the competitor's, and the product just never got mixed.  When we added the milk powder and binder, you could see where it never moved -- just stayed in one spot in the tank.  I think the Leland Southwest mixers are all right.  In fact, we proved that it was better than the competition.  Because of the job they have to do, and the work we put it through, maintenance is not a problem.  We really like the bar lid where you can add your spices during mixing.  It is simple to clean and that's a big factor in this day and age.

Raber Meats; Peoria, IL. 
(Mixes sausage in Model 200DA70)


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